My E-Tickets
by Wilko Aschenborn
Project Description
I conceptualised and had my team develop a Digital Ticketing, Access Control and POS Solution for Events. The E-Ticketing Solution was custom developed and allowed for access via QR code tickets which were received via SMS token. The POS system was dynamically controlled and managed from the CMS module, where a customer could easily setup tickets and a custom price thereof. Once a ticket was purchased a customer would receive a digital E-ticket. A customer could pass on this ticket via a unique link to another person. QR code access was controlled at the Gate via a custom Mobile App. When a customer entered the event, automatic advert triggers were activated and the customer would receive a unique information based on his/her demographic profile. The solution has a very powerful reporting wizard. I conceptualised the Idea, Brand & Business Model along with the development structure thereof.
Project Details